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Hush - Stacey R. Campbell Hush was a quirky, interesting read that helped to pass the time while I waited for my power to return. The beautiful writing, intriguing plot, and truthful characters drew me into the story, causing me to forget about he impending danger of a tree falling on my house. The story was beautifully executed, but did appear to be missing a few minor components.

Blakey Henry grew up in a small town with her loving, adoptive family. She was adopted via a closed adoption service, and, after several unsuccessful attempts, Blakely has given up on finding her biological parents. Putting these thoughts aside, Blakely excitedly departs for her senior year of high school at Lakeview Academy, an elite Canadian boarding school. Before the start of the school year, Blakely vows to avoid dating altogether, hoping to eliminate an unnecessary distraction from her life. She never expects to break this promise until foreign exchange student, Max Ryder, arrives on campus. Unbeknown to Blakely, Max holds the keys to her past, a secret that would change her life forever.

I loved Blakely's bubbly, happy-go-lucky personality. She was able to make the best of every situation that she encountered, encouraging her friends to do the same. At the same time, Blakely was portrayed as an independent individual who stood very firmly by her convictions. She was extremely loyal, readily jumping to the defense of anyone around her. The ideal heroine, however, shouldn't be composed of solely admirable traits. Blakely's gullibility and indecisiveness made her appear realistic and believable.

In the first three or four chapters, we are introduced to Blakely's wide circle of friends at Lakeview Academy. When Blakely first arrives on campus, all of these characters are introduced in a rapid, flurry of names. No further details are provided about her friends, making it challenging to differentiate between them. Most of these characters play minor roles in the book, appearing intermittently throughout the book. As the story progresses, more and more is revealed about these characters. I would have preferred, however, to receive a bit of background information on each individual when we were initially introduced to them. This would have eliminated quite a bit of confusion as I struggled to connect a name with a character later on in the book.

I was immediately captivated by the plot and interesting premise. The plot follows the lives of three separate individuals, whose stories eventually become intertwined. I found these separate storylines confusing - quite a few characters were simultaneously introduced and minimal background information and explanations were provided. As the novel progresses, the plot takes a suspenseful turn, leaving readers with baited breath and sweating palms. There are quote a few twists and turns along the way with several near-death encounters.

Hush is one of my favorite YA mystery novels, which speaks volumes; especially in recent years, I've struggled to find good YA mysteries, but Hush surpassed my expectations. I'm glad I decided to pick up this thrilling and exciting read, and I am looking forward to beginning the second book in the series, Whisper.

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.